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PostSubject: STAFF POSITIONS RE-OPENED.   Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:54 am

*sigh* Let's try this again shall we?

Graphic Design Moderator -
    Must have some experience in graphic design. Must have the time to run Graphic Designer of the week. Must encourage others to be involved in particular area. Must be fairly active around graphic designer comunity. Must be supportive and encouraging to new graphic artists

Creative Writing Moderator -
    Must have a passion for reading and writing. Must have the time to run creative writing competitions. Must encourage others to be involved in particular area. Must be relatively active around creative writing section. Must be supportive and encouraging to new writers.

Discussion Moderator -
    Must have a vast knowledge on topical points. Must be current and up to date with current affairs. must be able to break up an argument. must be respectful of others beliefs and values. must be able to be objective. Must be proactive when it comes to getting others involved in that particular section. Must consider running competitions, example Debate Teams Comp

Traditional Art Moderator -
    Must have some experience in Traditional Artwork. Must be active in this area. Must be willing to promote others to your area. Must be keen on geting others involved in your area example - competitions. Does not need a lot of time][Must be supportive and encouraging to new artists.

Media Moderator - [list[Must enjoy a lot of movies. Must have a vast knowledge on music. Must know a lot of television shows. Must strive to get others involved in your area, reviews, spoiler sections, ect. Must find creative ways to get others interested in your section[/list]

Kingdom Hearts Moderator -
    Must be passionate about all things Kingdom Hearts][Must be willing to find new information, videos ect for members. Must actively strive to get others invloved in your section. Must be an expert on the storylines of Kingsom Hearts. Must always quote sources. Must be able to be like a journalist and write articles on certain Kingdom Hearts aspects. Must be able to kindly tell a person if they have an incorrect theory about the game. Must know they are the most important in the site.

Anime/Manga Moderator -
    Must have a passion for anime or manga. Must encourage others to be active within your area

Gaming Moderator -
    Must have a passion for gaming. must understand gaming lingo. Must encourage Activity within area

Random Moderator -
    Must be quick to judge spammers. Must be fairly active as this is the largest posted section at LwD. Must keep this section active. Must be fun and Random. Must be a fast and extremely active poster


- Be Active
- Encourage others to Join
- Encourage others to be active
- Have a firm knowledge of forum rules
- Must FOLLOW forum rules
- Must be willing to enforce forum rules
- Must notify me immediatley should a problem occur.
- Must be over the age of 14 yrs of age.
- Must have a sense of maturity.
- Must be humble about their postion (don't bully others or eachother)
- Be prepared to be a team player.
- Must have a sense of humor

Im not going just hand people pozzies anymore, this is going to be a little more difficult.
Application forms...
Copy, paste, fill out with appropriate details, then pm the form to me. This is very similar to an ACTUAL job application

You should be notified within a week if you are sucessful into the next round.
The next round is the interveiwing stage,
Two random people, plus myself will be selected to ask you whatever questions about the position you chosen that they want.
The two people will most likely not be your friends. (It is possible with some people though)
They will also throw random questions at you about the rules of the forum.
Then ask some general questions to get a judge on character.
If anything they ask you you feel uncomfortable with answering just say "Pass" and they will move onto the next topic.
The interview will be recorded and sent to me along with the interviewer's opinion on whether or not you should be accepted.
You MUST gain my aproval, however you only need to gain one of the interveiwers approvals to be accepted. - However if you are unaccepted by one and there is a very valid reason as to why not then I may withdraw my approval and your application will be denied.

If you are an unsuccessful applicant and your postion you wished for has not been filled you may try again, in 1 month's time.


Colour your world.

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