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 Digital Art- General Rules (UPDATED WHEN NECESSARY)

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PostSubject: Digital Art- General Rules (UPDATED WHEN NECESSARY)   Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:50 pm

Hey there, Beato here, one of the Forum staff. WE thought that we should put up rules in each section so Listen up peeps and if you have any questions or if you want to add anything, leave a message here and I'll add it up here. Thanks!
~The LwtD Staff
*EDIT:24/Oct/2009: This rule thread will be updated if anything needs changing. So keep checking as something might affect you. Also. PLEASE READ SECTION I AND II

(Don't say I can't count but we can't really stress this enough kk?)
i. Language
Mind it alright?
No swearing under any circumstances. OR ELSE. IM WARNING YOOOOUUU!

1. Ripping
Ripping is a big no no and it is stealing someone else's work. This could be either changing it a tiny bit, copying the tag or not changing it at all. Ripping will never be tolerated in these forums. If we see you do it, you will get a warning. If you do it again, the Admin will deal with you instead.

2. Flaming
No Flaming in these forums. Just NO. You will bee warned. Do it again, I have no idea what will happen to your destiny.(lol) IF your CnCing, be honest and put it in a friendly manner, Don't fight.

3. Spam
WELL its a bit obvious isn't it? No going off topic. Talking to the artists and stuff is fine but just don't get too carried away... cool. If you see obvious spam, do not reply to it, Report to us and the mods take care of it and do not flame along the way.

If ya dont know what spam is...well: Stupid pointless annoying messages, in my book. In other words, don't chat, don't flame, and give useful ratings on various sigs. If you can't say something constructive, don't say anything at all. And these threads are not to idly chat, but to comment on artwork and answer questions in general.

4. CnC
If you're gonna CnC, do it properly. Dont do Destructive critisms because it just puts the artist down. Be supportive, not the other way around!

5. Fanart
Fanarts are not allowed to be used as Stocks but if you are going to use it, please PLEASE ask the artist's permission first and prove it. If its your own work, you still have to prove it. We don't want to get into trouble now do we? Its Illegal to use it (SSIC said so herself).

Every competition has their own set of rules y'know.

[Vote]-Voting thread
GDotW - Graphics designer of the Week.
LPotW - LP of the Week.

1. Size
It should be in a decent size (for example: the default) unless its for a special theme like banners or game covers.

2. No Premades
You heard me right. No premades. Unless it was stated that you WERE allowed premades.
If you were allowed premades for a certain competition and you have made it about 10 hours ago, you ARE permitted to submit it.

3. Any Competitions
You are free to do any competitions. It might be a challenge (one on one) or an open chalenge for all members. Just make it clear so that we wouldn't get confused if its GDotW and so that you could save me the trouble of moving things around. KTHX. Razz

4. Must be PG-13
It has to be. Means no nudity, sex, drugs language or profanity or anything that i have missed.

5. Entries are to be submitted by PM.(Only applies to GDotW)
To me now coz Im taking over. lol!

6. All entrants must vote.
If ya wanna vote for you own sig, feel free but don't make it too obvious that its yours.

1st - 3 - Coz dats MEEEEz and im Ozzume!
2nd - 1 - Coz she used Riku and I think that hawt!! <3 (Try not to choose based on the characters chosen, unless it's relevant, if because certain characters were used it gives the entry extra meaning, then you can vote accoring this.)
3rd - 4 - All the Others Suck!!! (That's just mean...)

7.And don't be biased.

8. LP Of the Week
What exactly is an LP? An LP, or Large Piece is an evenly sized canvas that is sorta like a sig, but it takes much more effort and time to complete. Usually the size is 300x300 or 400x400.

Please, if you have any ideas, post it in this thead instead of spamming the Competiton thread.
.LP of the Week Discussion
(Same rules applies to GDotW concerning Spam. No not the food Spam.)

9. Try to get your entries in on time.

Please. I don't want to make the next GDotW late or shorter than it's supposed to be. Same thing goes for LP of the Week. In fact, this goes for all competitons unless you have been busy and didn't have enough time. That is fine.

As of January 11, 2010, the winner gets reppage (one point) from all the competitors who entered and possibly a thanks (worth 3 points) from the Graphics mod or a Super Mod

Also, Please remind yourself of the Forum Rules ,refer back to the FAQ and ask here if you have any doubts.

Happy posting!

Note: If the rules need changing, feel free to edit it but please write down who edited the thread and when it was edited below.v

Edited last at 8/Jan/2010 ~ Sir Raito


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Digital Art- General Rules (UPDATED WHEN NECESSARY)
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