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 Revenge story eh?

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PostSubject: Revenge story eh?   Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:41 pm

lol this is actually an english homework and its supposed to be only 500 words but i went over it by...500 words xDD
Here goes anyway...

Newspaper headlines flew past his eyes; 'Greatest detective secret revealed!', 'L LOLiet humiliated', 'Greatest detective attracted to fellow comrade?!'He frowned at this horrible sight and felt his check burn in embarrassment. He looked down to his feet while he walked through the busy streets of the City. Engines roared loudly like lions and drove past him at the speed of light. The Crowds of people talked their time away with gossip and things a like. Across the pavement, a man stood still, his finger was pointed at him; he laughed again and again.

"Look what were got here!" a stranger said in a drunken manner. His eyes flew across his sockets. "It's the 'greatest detective of all time'! As if!'

Swiftly, L grasped the man's shirt ad lifted him off the ground, his face screwed up and scarlet in anger."I wouldn't do that if I were you," L said flatly. "I wouldn't judge my appearance."

"Let go of me fool!" the stranger shouted at his face and punched him. He sent L flying across the road, crashing into a building. Crowds had gathered around this incident. Some gasped and some murmured something. It all sounded gibberish, like a baby garbling. The crowd turned into a sea of monochrome paint. Everything disappeared from his sight.

Memories of yesterday's event flashed before his eyes, the young man's laughter echoed in his head. It laughed and laughed. A smart looking gentleman with red hair and eyes and a menacing smile turned around and walked towards the group of journalists; one stride to the other.

"L Lawliet...was the greatest man I've known. But he was attracted to one of his comrade within the Kira Investigation group. He even chained himself to him so that he can keep and eye on him!"

"Is this true L?" a curious reporter asked. Insults were thrown at him and the crowd bellowed with laughter.

In a school, a young man gazed out of the classroom window when he saw a black notebook that fell from the sky. It plummeted to the ground like a rock falling into the sea. When the lesson ended, he looked around and took the notebook. He hastily flipped the book open and saw a note saying: "Come to the warehouse after school. ~L"

Light ran to the warehouse, his mind raced with him, his hand clenched hard on the weapon that he took from his house. It rained heavily last night so the wooden floor was slippery. In one move, he slid his shoe and he was tossed backwards landing and landed on his back. He skidded towards the abandoned place and crashed into a pile of broken metal and shattered glass. Some of the remains pierced through him and cut him as if hid flesh was stabbed by a knife and skewered with a stick.

"This was part of the plan!" his mind shouted at him. Light looked up, only to see a gun pointed at him. There was a finger on the trigger; ready to be pulled.

"This will be the end my friend," L said. He moved back and pulled it. The bullet sliced through the air, making its way towards the enemy. And another one followed it; and another one. The bullet travelled towards Light and dug into his right hand so that he was unable to write. Into one of this legs so that he can't run, into his shoulders so that he cant get up. Blood sprinkled all over the place and Light watched the bullet go into him. Fear too over him and got up from the pile. He crazily looked at L who was shaking with madness and got a gun out of his pocket with his other hand and shot him at the head. Now, there was a gap in L's head, red liquid oozed out from it and trickled down his emotionless pale face. Light laughed malevolently.
"I won," he declared and heard police sirens. He fled from that scene and ran into another one, where they wouldn't see him. "The door's closed!" he yelled.

The rusty, copper warehouse door slid open slowly, squeaking agonizingly. The warm colours of the beautiful sunset casted a shadow of a man. He placed his delicate hand, dripping with blood, on the doorframe for balance, wincing at the pain on his shoulders. He looked back to where he came from and sighed.

"They're gone," he calmly said to himself.

Light looked into the dark warehouse. His bright crimson eyes glowed within the darkness, revealing a part of his face. He dragged his feet across the floor weakly; making a soft, shuffling noise, also leaving some trails behind. He looked around, his eyes gaping with terror, wondering when he would sneak up on him. The place was in ruins; small fragments of glass scattered on the floor like nails and mountains piercing into a fresh flesh., big, chunky poles lying on the floor still, like dead bodies. Unaware that a large pool of liquid was in front of him, he stepped on it and slithered across it, he slipped forwards face first. Gutted, he lifted his face up as the sirens grew deafening.

"They're coming," he though to himself. His heart raced as the foot steps grew louder and louder and faster and faster. Panicking, he jumped on his feet despite his stinging injuries and limped to a hiding spot. Click. Followed by a thunderous bang, he froze on the spot, trembling in horror.

"We know you're in here! Put your hands up and do not try to do any crazy stunts!" a man with a sense of justice cried. He pointed a gun at him, threatening Light even more. Gasping for breath, Light pulled himself up and lifted his arms up. He closed his eyes and waited for his life to be put to a stop.

Coming from the other side of the warehouse is the sound of a scraping metal that was being dragged on the floor lazily. Screech, screech, screech. His black hair, messed up with craziness; a smirk was on the face of the maniac, like the smirk on a clown's face and that sinister look on his face. His eyes wide with insanity, he slowly crept up behind the victim. He raised his arms, ready to strike; the blade shone in the sunset, showing its sharpened end, this will be the last thing that he'll ever see. The victim slowly turned around and looked up, his face ghostly pale and his mouth wide open. The bright lights blinded him; he saw his reflection on the weapon. With one drop, he remorselessly swung the axe down and...

"This is where you'll die...Light."

pffft go easy on me guys (on the CnC. Destructive crit doesn't help much) but tips would be appreciated. ^-^
Thx for reading guys! Very Happy


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Revenge story eh?
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