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 Rules of the Traditional Arts (READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING)

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PostSubject: Rules of the Traditional Arts (READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING)   Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:36 am

Well, I know TinTin posted Rules for the Forum, but I decided to make a Rules thread for this Section, just so they're clear.


1. All Pictures must be a very mild PG-13
2. Please, one thread per artist. Its less confusing to manage.
3. No flaming other artists. Constructive critque welcome. "If you ain't got nothin nice to say, don't speak at all."
4. Now, since this a lot of people here are graphic artists, for the time being I will allow pictures to be colored on the computer but they must be drawn by hand first.
5. Nothing offensive. While I already stated the PG-13 rule, that still can contain a lot. So nothing Racist or Sexist or any other sort of "ist"

That's pretty much it for now!

Please enjoy this section!


Drawn by me
made by King
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Rules of the Traditional Arts (READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING)
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