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 *New* CHALLENGES. - Rules.

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PostSubject: *New* CHALLENGES. - Rules.   Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:54 am

Graphic designer of the week not enough for you?
or Perhaps you just want to go one on one with a select artist?
Perhaps you're just bored...
Graphic Challenges are for you!

To challenge a member:

post a thread entitled [CHALLENGE] __________ vs. ____________

(_____________ being the participants names).

The you most post the specifics for example

Due: (the date you wish the entries to be posted)
Stock: (Your can choose a specific stock, or a theme)
Size: (If you want to restrict the artist to a particular size)
Other: Any other specifics you wish to add to make the challenge more Challenging.

The challenger must wait for the challengee's acceptance. The challengee has the right to refuse the challenge. However once accepted will lose if the entry is not submitted by the due date. The due date may be changed if both parties agree.


There are two ways you can do judging.

1 - By Poll - This way specific judges do not need to be lined up before hand, and there is less chance of bias judging.

2 - By selecting judges beforehand - select a few buddies (an odd number works best) from both parties, to avoid bias judging as much as possible, and make sure they are aware they must judge both entries fairly. This is a great way for people to get feed back on their work! Then set up a scoring table something like this one.

Stock use: 0/10
Colours: 0/10
Flow: 0/10
Effects: 0/10


Overall: 0/40

All judges must each fill out one of these tables for each of the two entries. Judging can only commence after both entries have been submitted,
Unless the due date has arrived and the second party has not offered an entry.

Remember this is just for fun and please do not take any offence if you think you've been hard done by with the judging. Better luck next time, so to speak.



Colour your world.

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*New* CHALLENGES. - Rules.
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