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 Biting the Bullet with a complex BBS Theory. [Spoiler warning]

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PostSubject: Biting the Bullet with a complex BBS Theory. [Spoiler warning]   Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:46 am

Okay normally I don't post theories unless they're silly ones. But, this has been developing in my mind for some time now, and i've been waiting for something to disprove it but all more inforation keeps making things stronger and stronger instead...

To understand this theory you need to have a strong knowledge on so far the clips and scans on BBS, Nomura's latest blog post, KH: Coded's entire storyline, and KH: Chain of Memories storyline.

Some of these concepts you may have heard before, and this is cause i've read some and thought the ideas were plausible and have developed them further into my own theory. If someone has identical to this i swear i didn't know, i guess great minds think alike.

Here we go...

In basic terms i think that BBS didn't actually happen in the past, however are ABOUT the events in the past. Nomura says that the secret movie you get after completly completing BBS is supposed to change your entire perspective of what happened during the game. He also hinted that some of the clips used in the Jump Festa video for 2010 were from that secret movie. I have come to wonder whether or not it is those clips of C.O (Castle Oblivion). My theory is that the events of BBS is VAT's data/memories being restored, similar to what happened in Chain of memories to Sora, however things have gone wrong.

Nomura also hinted that there are deep links between Coded and Birth By Sleep. In coded they had a digital Sora, who was going round fighting the bugs inside Jiminy's journal, however more was revealed, like what Riku did, than was originally in the journal. It also had Riku, who claimed to be the Journal himself. In the end of Coded the Coded Riku was attacked by bugs (maybe the unversed??) and that it was too dangerous for digital Sora to continue, and Digital Sora still wants to help but ends up losing his memory. I am theorising that the Coded Riku that was being attacked ny bugs became corrputed and is the figure we have come to know as Vanitas.

Several things suggest this, such as the clothing similar to Dark Riku's outfit but not. The colouring of that clothing looks the same sort of colour as the bugs in Coded. The Riku stance Vanitas takes. And the Creepy laugh reminded me of Riku's creepy Japanese laugh in Re:CoM but more insane.

In the latest BBS clip Master Xehanort tells terra to "Destory Vanitas, the one who disturbed the balance." Now, if Vanitas was Coded Riku, that would explain why as he shouldn't be there, especially if he's digitalised and meets up with the Real Riku, it could almost change how people remember the things that happened which would be... really really bad... Another quote that COULD prove this is Master Eraquas saying "You shouldn't exist" Now, this seems awfully what you'd say to a nobody, but since Nobodies did not exist during the time of BBS we can only asume again that it's someone who really doesn't belong. Say... Coded, Corupted Riku for Example...

More proof towards the digital aspect is the way Terra summon's his keyblade. It looks digitalised. Similar to how Roxas summons his in the beginning of KH2, in the digitally created Twilight Town, and also how Coded Sora looks when he was born. The reason behind Terra's summoning is because Terra has become overcome by darkness and as Master Xehanort says "One who is overcome by darkness cannot weild the keyblade" Now since from what we've seen if that happened to Terra in the past then he'd have to weild a digital one in the digital worlds so to speak.

And finally this is where Sora comes in. Once the king has become aware of this, since he'd still be watching and probably able to hack into the Data, he can see what's going on and how the memories of what happened in the past are becoming screwed up and they need someone's help. Which is where the letter he sends to Sora Riku and Kairi in the end of KH2 comes in to play.

Since Ansem the Wise seems to be talking about Sora during the clip. In coded, there were many messages in the journal that made sense, like "We must return to free them from Torment" and "Their Torment has been lessened." Towards the end of the clip Ansem the wise is saying. "Perhaps if it were him... the boy who can connect his heart with anyone. Then he will be able to open that door and save those unhappy souls. His name is..." And the amount of times they show Sora, including the clip of Sora on the island in his kh2 outfit and right back from where he was little.

It seems clear that Sora will have to save Terra Aqua and Ven in some way in the future from their pasts.

For clarification, long ramblings short. Vanitas is screwing up the restoration of (Most likely Ven) and how everyone remembers them, via the Chain of memories. Sorta like. Namine put herself in Sora's heart in Re:CoM, Vanitas (Coded Riku) makes it seem like he should have been there all along and changes people's memories of the past. This whole Memory thing also explains how nothing has been mentioned of VAT or very little, up untill now since the links and chains of the memories in VAT'S hearts have become disconected and only a few scattered ones exist. Hence Xiggy remembering Ven in 358/2 days.

Whew, epically confusing and i've probably forgotten to mention some things, so don't be surprised if i've realised and added more. Knowing Nomura this is probably completely confusing and far-fetched.


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Biting the Bullet with a complex BBS Theory. [Spoiler warning]
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