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 [SQUARE ENIX] Xion or Zack? Who's death was sadder?

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PostSubject: [SQUARE ENIX] Xion or Zack? Who's death was sadder?   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:53 am

I saw this discussion on another forum, and at first I though 'What a Bizzare topic?" then I realised it was quite an interesting discussion and plenty of room for comparison.

- Square Enix,
- Nomura's Character Designs
- They both died, so that their friend could have a chance to live.
(there's probably more but im not bothered to think lol)

(so many..)

Me personally?
I think perhaps if we're judging by the Japanese versions,
then Xion's death is sader, Purely cause Roxas had no choice but to destroy her, then he forgot who she was for a brief moment, only to remember her before it was too late to say a real good bye. The english translation was better in this seen if it wa straight from Japanese, it translated to "Xion! Let's go back and eat icecream together!" Indicating that Roxas wasn't ready to say goodbye to his friend forever. He wasn't willing to accept she was dying. It's aso sad how, Roxas can't remember the fact he hurt Xion, and Xion decides not to tell him. In the Japanese version Roxas says: Who are you? I was going to tell you something important, but I don't remember what... and Xion Replies : That's okay Roxas... The voice acting in the Japanese version is done incredibly well and is an overall tear jerker. I haven't seen the Japanese versions of Zack's death yet, however I am told the VA ing is done better than the english version of it as well..

If we're only judging on the English version, then I believe that Zack's death is more tragic purely to do with Cloud's scream... I dunno what it is, but I just feel his pain. Steve Burton did an excellent job in that then to see the flash backs, it's cliched but still overall magically done. The english VA's what can I say? Xion's VA was crud, I will admit Jesse surprised me, he really REALLY sucked in KH2, however he really showed off that he had some decent acting chops in days. My only issue was his line "XION WHO ELSE WILL I HAVE ICECREAM WITH!?!?!" That line killed the scene for me, I just burst out laughing, which I know was not the desired reaction i was supposed to have. Which is why if we're talking english Zack's Death in CC wins, it. However if we're talking Japanese Xion's death.

Overall winner for me :

Don't think either of these clips are the sadest?
Post a link to youtube what you think IS and why.
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[SQUARE ENIX] Xion or Zack? Who's death was sadder?
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