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 Rules Here!

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PostSubject: Rules Here!   Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:06 am

Accounts, Warnings and Bannings

1. Accounts, Warnings and Bannings After receiving the third warning an account may be banned up to 2 weeks, in extreme cases longer. The circumventing of the ban by registering a second account is not allowed. An account may get banned permanently if the user receives again several warnings after the account was unlocked.

2. In extreme cases it is possible a User gets banned without having several warnings.

3. Editing a post after a warning was given (this includes removing or editing the warning) is against the rule and can lead to a ban from the forums.

Attitude on the forums

1. Posting contents and links of pornographic, political, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden. You will be warned immediately, and your post will be deleted without hesitation.

2. All the content on these forums are to remain strictly PG-13. Repeated offenses shall be and will be punishable by a temporary ban or a permnent ban depending on the severity.

2. Posting of contents which do not belong to the topic/ relevant forum (Spam/Offtopic) are undesired and may lead to a warning. The post may be deleted.

3. This includes postings which only point out breaches of the rules (Backseat Modding). This is up to the board team.

4. Oversized picture are annoying and slow up people's computers! Resize the image or just provide a link to it. If you fail to comply you image will be removed.

5. It is possible to be banned from the forum, due to a signature. Any obseen images or text will be removed without hesitation from your sigs and you will be given a warning. If the material is replaced you will recieve a ban.

6. Flaming, offences against other users or staff and inappropriate language (including swear words with letters disguised by * or - etc) are punishable on the whole forum. - We know what you mean even with the '*'

7. The board team holds the right to censor threads. This will be marked in the relevant post.

8. Reposting of a theme that was already closed is not allowed. If you wish to post in it, ask the moderator who closed it to reopen.

9. Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to the fact that it may freeze peoples’ computers. Images or postings which are side exceeding (means one has to scroll vertically or/and horizontally to read all) are not allowed.

10. All posts must contain a minimum of 3 words; Less words will be considered as spam and warned accordingly. Any forms of abreviations such as: ICU, BRB, LOL, ROFLMAO, will be considered one word.

11. If you feel warned unfairly, first PM the Mod who gave the warning. Then you may get in contact the Smod. In extreme cases you have the right to talk to a Board Admin. The Board Admins’ word is final. Follow the hierarchy, or you may find you are ignored, (include all previous communication when contacting the superior).

12. Impersonation of a Staff member (Name, Avatar, Signature) may lead to a warning or in extreme cases to a ban.

13. Posthunting (posting just to get a higher postcount) results in a warning or in extrem cases in a direct ban. Posting twice within the allowable time to re-edit the original post shall be considered Posthunting. This also includes double posting, there is an edit button USE IT! Accidental double posts will just be deleted

14. Discussion of bans or warnings is not permitted in the public forums, this may result in further bans or warnings. Please discuss these issues with the moderator involved or their superior on the board only. This includes ingame bans (email the responsible staff).

15. Swearing (including swear words with letters disguised by * or - etc...), are punishable on the whole forum.

16. Any form of Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated,



- No exceedingly large signitures
- No advertising other forums.
- No obseen language or images.
this includes:
- nudity
- swearing
- racism
- anything deemed offencive by staff.
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Rules Here!
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