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 Beowulf: Second Coming

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PostSubject: Beowulf: Second Coming   Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:03 am


In the kingdom of Herot, there laid citizens who lived a life of peace and harmony; ruled by the Sixth King of the land, King Hrothgar. His men were not strong warriors, but they were role-models to the citizens of Herot, where at the beckon of night, strange occurrences would happen, people slaughtered in the break of night, blood all over the entire kingdom, and only claw marks on various buildings , his stench covered the once pure air, now after this beasts attacks, the smell of violence and blood-shed. The beast who stalks Herot at night is a descendent from Cain, the monster Grendel.

In his many night attacks, Grendel was always successful in what he was doing. However, after so many raids of Herot, he would sure to find one warrior who was more then the regular man, and that is exactly what happened. As Grendel’s raids got more and more grusem, the have attracted one warrior, and band of followers; his name is Beowulf. A warrior of the Geats, he has strength and a heart like no other man, his strive to win is beyond comparison, and his drive to become the best warrior is that of a legend, as his reputation proves that. Long ways from the kingdom of Herot, Beowulf and seven followers ventured from the land of the Geats, and into the mighty and gigantic kingdom of Herot.

As Beowolf and his followers arrived at Herot, they immediately made their way to the hall in which where King Hrothgar and his men were, awaiting the arrival of Beowolf. So as they waited for the hero to arrive in the great hall, they were having a little conference about how to reward this warrior, from the time of Beowolf’s departure of the land of the Geats, to Herot. Beowolf arrives at Herot, and more so to the great hall; He is greeted by King Hrothgar himself, as he stands up from his throne, and approaches Beowolf with only the highest respect, Beowolf bows in respect to the King and requests to take on the monster Grendel. At first the King wasn’t too sure about the request, but after a bit more thought, Hrothgar agreed and offered any support to aid Beowolf in his fight with Grendel, but Beowolf declined the offer, and decided to take this fight on his own.

Chapter I: A Glimmering Light

Centuries after the epic battle between Beowolf and Grendel, centuries after Beowolf’s life had ended, or so it appeared

There, a light glistening upon the clear waters of the once kingdom of the Geats. From within that light, stood a figure of high class, clothing of the nobles and the looks of a goddess. Her eyes shined off of the moon, showing a bright gold color. She walked through, with a Mid-theigh dress, blue and white; colors of the purest life. Showing her face, a beautiful sight, her skin is as clear as day. Her hair, gentle to the look, and her voice most gentle in the land.

“Do you want to fight again?” Spoke the lady, speaking to a lost spirit, whose body was cremated, but his spirit wondered the land of the Geats for all eternity.

This spirit, who has lost the art of speaking in noise, instead, with his being just giving the appearance of how much it wanted to fight again, it did not care who or what but as long as it is able to fight.

“Very well, you will get your chance right now!!” She spoke, as a magical light, started to just pore out of her hands, causing the spirit to glow with that same strange light.

That light, changed the spirit, gave it a physical body, a body that many knew belonged to the once former king of the Geats, Beowolf.

“Mysterious women, I thank you “ Beowolf said, alive once more; his body back to its original glory to the very first time he became King of the Geats. He prepared to go wonder the world, until the women spoke to him

“Halt Beowolf, you have a task to finish.”

Beowolf looked at her, confused sure, but completely lost, not a chance; all he was, is a bit confused about what she meant.

“Brave warrior, I brought you back to life, do you think it is for nothing, I have a request of you, strong one.” She spoke to Beowolf, as she gazed at him with her bright, yellow eyes.

As his confusion began to go back to a steady level, Beowolf spoke back to her

“M’lady, what is the request you desire; I shall do my best to fulfill it.” Beowolf said, answering to what the lady said.

She then, stepped forward, standing directly in front of the warrior, then she began to explain everything.

“Brave one, there is this beast, similar to the one called Grendel, actually you could say this beast is related to that one. “She spoke, mentioning the beast that Beowolf once killed ages ago for the Kingdom of Herot.

“Grendel, now that is a name I havent heard for a very long time; M’lady, what is it that this beast is doing, and how could I be of assistance?” Beowolf asked, concerned of how he could help, if he could, that is.

The lady once again, for the final time looked at Beowolf, and spoke to him in a serious manner

“Beowolf, you can defeat this monster, and save the world once again, but this time you won’t be fighting some Decendant from Cain, but you will be fighting a half human-half demon who goes by the name of Rugokai; his power is ferocious, and his legacy is just as popular and dangerous as yours; so be careful.” She said to the warrior

Hearing her words, Beowolf had a few questions in mind, and he had to ask them right away.

“M’lady, I have two questions. First, I must know your name, what is it? And my second question is; where can I find this Rugokai?” He asked with deep intent

Before answering the questions, the lady let out a big sigh.

“My name is Athena, and the beast can be found in Athens, Greece.” She answered quickly, before, all of a sudden, disappearing as if it was nothing to her.


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Beowulf: Second Coming
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