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 Hello my friends!

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PostSubject: Hello my friends!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:47 pm


That sums me up but maybe I should elaborate what I see in that simple smiley? I can see a bunch of confused

ok first I am 17, male, and live in New Zealand.

I have to say my main interest in life is that I do what God wants me to do, I am a dedicated Christian and love the Lord with all my heart.

I love or used to love, I still like them but am not as fired up over them anymore COMPUTER GAMES!

yea from Red Alert 2 to Scotched 3D to Fallout to Neverwinter knights I played them all, I would estimate over 20,000 hours of gaming with Age of Kings, Battlefield 2, and Call of Duty 4 taking lager slices, not to mention Oblivion and Titan Quest.

out of all the people I know I would rank probably #1 in general for gaming skill, not to boast.

I also love forums and such leading in post count and activity pretty much everywhere I go Surprised!

People think I am mad... Maybe they are right I love doing crazy things liek taking showers at 3am and packing up my PC at 1am to go play some games at a friends house. hehe

Wink not to mention when my parents are out getting all the dangerous explosive chemical thingys and socking paper and stuff with them just to see how it burns... I made a minature flamethrower once with a piece of hard glossed paper some toilet paper some celotape and a half cup of methelated spirits I made it liek atube stuffed it with toilet paper soaked it with the spirits then light one end because there was no oxygen it wouldn't burn unless I blew on the other end and then a flame shot out the end... Hehe was a rather ingenious invention... Love making blow thingies as well... and I got a nice bow so its all good and I want a gun.

On the pet side of things we got tons of animals but personally I just got 3 axolotls nice critters here a pic Axolotl <--- Those aren't my ones

I started using forums a year ago, when I started playing Battleknight and ogame, I learned some basic BBC code from that, i left those games behind because the creators weren't giving enough support but I had an order ranked #4 which I lead, of about the 200 orders so it was rather high up. It is still there to this day though it has undergone some changes by the new owners but my name is still on the frontpage.

Yea that about sums me up ---> bounce

p.s. will you ever look at that smiley the same again? Shocked
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Hello my friends!
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