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 Gaming Terminology Database

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PostSubject: Gaming Terminology Database   Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:45 am

I will edit more in as i am notified of them, remember them, or come across new ones. You may PM, E-mail, or MSN me about ones i have missed.

Types of games:

RPG and RPG: Roleplaying game: A game in which you play the role of another person who you are not, and develop their skills. RPG: rocket propelled grenade. Some call Roleplays an RPG, but a Roleplay is an RP, not RPG
RTS: Real time strategy: similar to a Empire builder where, in real time, you combat others with set boundaries of combat/resources/troops/buildings and combat others under the same boundaries, though different groups may have different boundaries depending on the game.
FPS: First person shooter: a shooter game in which you play in first person (you only see your arms and the gun your holding, or you can look down to see legs, etc.) Frames Per second: the speed at which the game's frames are moving. The higher the Frames, the smoother the game runs, solong as the console can keep up.
MMO: Massively Multiplayer online (though has been said in various places as massive other than massively): A multiplayer game that is online on a very large scale, and "MMO" will be followed by the type of game, such as WoW being a MMORPG, or Combat Arms a MMOFPS
Arcade: A place with set consoles in which you can play lower graphic games meant simply to pass time or achieve a greater score than others. OR any of the types of games that would be commonly seen in an arcade
Empire bulding: A Game in which you built an empire, includin amassing troops and resources and building up cities/town/forts/etc to combat other empires, either controlled by the computer, or by another person

Game Modes

co-op: Playing with other ppl from Real life through a game's campaign
FFA: Free for all: free for all combat.
TDM: Team death Match: two or more teams fight eachother for the largest kill score
DM: Death match: A free for all based solely on reaching a set kill score

In-game slang (1337 Sp33k)

RM: remake: a game based on an earlyer made game, commonly increasing graphics or adding to the story
GG: Good game
noob: Either a new player to a game, or someone who acts asif they are new to the game due to their lack of understanding of the game's mechanics. Comes from "Newbie", and changed to "Newb" and then to "noob"
One who is awesome or better than others at a game. comes from Elite, and is normally written as 1337
BG: can mean bad game or beautiful game, usually specific to the game is where you will find the appropriate definition.
HS: very simply: Head shot. used in first person shooters, simply saying that someone was killed with one shot to the head
NS: Nice shot: compliment for someone making an above_average shot
N1: Nice one: a compliment for an action that you think took alot of skill, or overall helped the person/their team greatly
Good shot: compliment for someone making an above_average shot
50.: The highest rank achievable on Halo
respawn When a character, NPC, or anything else rendered into the game is brought back into the game, such as a player who was killed coming back to life, but in a set location. These set locations are respawn points.
Camper: A person in a first person shooter who stays in one spot and aims at a place s/he predicts a good deal of traffic from opposing players, and thus gets kills much easyer. some find this unsportsmanlike, others simply call it strategy.
Spawn-killer: Similar to a camper, though stays in a respawn point and picks off oposing players as they respawn
Glitcher: One who uses glitches in a game, such as a wall you can walk through due to a glitch in it's programming, to their advantage. This is extremely unsportsmanlike, and glitchers are almost always banned immediately from the match they are in.
Hacker (or H4x0rz): One who alters the programming of a game in order to give themselves an advantage. This is illegal as far as in-game is concerned, and in some occasions in real life. You WILL be banned from the match, if not from the game, if you do such.

there are ALOT more here, however, though i myself would prefer to not list every single one on that site.

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Gaming Terminology Database
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